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Aquaflow Enterprises introduces a cost effective pipe systems, AQUAFLOW PRR PIPES & FITTINGS in both momo-layer PPR pipes for hygienic transport of hot and cold fluids Our state of art manufacturing facility at Chennai, Tamil Nadu enables us to manufacture a cold complete range of polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes and fittings for hot and cold water distribution systems. AQUAFLOW PPR pipes and fittings are suitable for potable water distribution system in addition to a wide range of hydro sanitary applications. The Exceptional heat stability of AQUAFLOW PPR pipes and its extraction resistance coupled with ease of installation makes our PPR pipe system reliable for hot and cold water applications with a service life of 50 years and beyond. AQUAFLOW PPR pipes and fittings are made of High Molecular Weight Polypropylene Random Copolymer suitably stabilized for high temperature applications especially with high environmental stress cracking resistence that enables long service life. AQUAFLOW PPR pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with German DIN Standards, the raw materials used are Koylene AER003N.



AQUQFLOW PPRC pipe system is in full compliance with the international standards on the use of plastic materials for transportation of potable water.

Welding Capacity

This is a fundamental characteristic of the AQUAFLOW PPRC pipe system. It enables all the elements in the system to be joined by polyfusion welding.


The low specific weight means ease of transport and handling. AQUAFLOW PPRC systems can be used in traditional site installations, for the preparation of prefabricated constructions and in the creation of modules or fitted walls.

Head Loss

The internal surface of the pipes and fittings are smooth so limestone or other deposits cannot form and head loss is reduced to a minimum.

Low conductivity of heat

AQUAFLOW PPRC system is a poor conductor of heat, condensation and heat dispersion of the transporter fluid are reduced considerably.


The materials elasticity high insulation capacity means a considerable reduction of the noise in the installation, even when there is water hammering.

Resistance to Abrasion and corrosion

This feature allows high flow velocities of the transported fluids, up to 7m/s without any problem of erosion, even in the presence of acid alkalies with PH values of 1to14.

Welding Operation

The welding operation is simple and fast:

PPRC pipes and fittings
1.Cut the pipe perpendicular to it's axis 2.Heat the pipe and the fitting at the same time 3.Within the allowed time interval, connect the pipe and the fitting (do not twist) 4.Join pipe and fittings.Finished !
100 % safe welding
Properties Pipe Type PP-R Steel Galvanized Copper U-PVC C-PVC Remarks  
Diameter Range (mm) 16-125 15-630 15-250 5-500 16-400 16-110 --  
Service Life Guarantee (years) 50 3-15 5-25 3-30 0-20 0-50

The guarantee service life of pipes other than PP-R depends on quality of raw material used and many other parameters.

Brittleness Characteristics Resistant Resistant Resistant Worrisome Not




Standard Length (m) 4 6 6 5 6 4 --  
Corrosion Resistance - Abrasion Resistance Very Resistant Very Frail Very Frail Very Frail Partly




These evaluations depends on chemical resistance of the raw material.  
Easiness in Fittings Production Very Easy Difficult Difficult Difficult Very Easy Very Easy --  
Easiness in laying (Easiest: 100, Hardest: 0) 100 25 25 40 80 80 --  
Hygienic Superiority Excellent Worrisome Worrisome Worrisome Worrisome Good --  
Inner Surface Smoothness Excellent Smooth Smooth Rough Rough Smooth --  
Fitting Types and Cost Excellent-Cheap Limited - Expensive Limited - Expensive Limited - Expensive Different - Cheap Different - Expensive --  
Chemical Resistance Excellent Problematic Problematic Worrisome Worrisome Good --  
Joining Reliability (Max:100, Min:0) 100 0-80 0-80 0-50 0-50 0-80 Compression, soldering and seat connection are worrisome  
Easiness in Repair & Maintenance Very Easy Troubling Troubling Difficult Difficult Difficult --  
Pressure Resistance for PN 20 at Time Zero >80 bar >100 bar >100 bar >40 bar 30 bar 55 bar --  
Wall Thickness (Outer Diameter 20 mm) 3.4 2.6 2.6 1.5 2.3 1.9 --  
State of Pipe when Inside Water Freezes Does not burst Bursts Bursts Bursts Bursts Bursts --  
Connection (Joining) Method Socket welding (Molecular) Screw connection or welding Screw connection Hard of soft soldering of welding joint Glue connection Glue connection The best joint are achieved by molecular connection  
Leak proof at Connecting Points Excellent Worrisome Worrisome Worrisome Worrisome Worrisome --  
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